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Customize Your kick scooter more! Check other parts You can change in Your kick scooter!

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  • Grip Tape deck for Hoolay ownie12 and ownie16. Deck covered with black grip tape. Excellent grip in all conditions. Fits all sizes ownie kick scooters. Choose "product on kick scooter" from right side menu to replace standard Hoolay deck with grip-taped one free of charge!

  • Front V-brake for ownie12 or ownie16 kick scooter. Complete set front brake. Producer: Alhonga. Aluminium rim brake pads, aluminium brake calipers, pcv+alu brake lever, pivots. Colour black.

  • Hand grips set perfect for Your Hoolay. 120mm lenght, 22mm inner diameter. Choose colour

  • Add to basket to replace standard black brake housing with colour one! Available with ownie kickscooter purchase only.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items