Worldwide shipping!

Up to 10kgs (one scooter + some accessories) shipping times & prices:



1-2 days


only 15€ (60 PLN)

4-6 days

USA & Canada

360 PLN

7-8 days

Australia & NZ

630 PLN

7-8 days


460 PLN

7-8 days

*up to 20 kg (2 kick scooters + accessories)

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We send by courier to Europe, and by post courier to other countries. Our scooters are sent in boxes size 90cm x 60cm x 25cm, mainly assembled, with wheels and handlebar to attach (all tools and manual included). Some countries (Australia) accept only small parcels (70cm x 50cm x 15cm) so we send scooters to self assembly (wheels, deck and handlebar to attach; all tools and manual included).