Are You looking for something to help You spice up daily life? Something that will change Your everyday life into an adventure? Our answer is the urban kick scooter Hoolay!

We present a new model of Hoolay scooters – o w n i e.

It gives You the option of choosing between two sizes of wheels - 12 or 16 inches. The ownie base is the same frame design, but from now we give you the opportunity to choose size that is best for You.

Adult kick scooter

Our idea was to create a scooter for adults, which provides a lot of pleasure at every ride. On the way to work or school, weekend park rides You can feel special. Daily scooter riding gives you a lot of joy, it allows to relax and provides the necessary amount of exercise. You can easily overcome everyday distances.

Comfortable ride on a scooter

Our scooters are technically refined, provide comfort of use and will serve You for years. Using our experience and knowledge, we have created the original concept of a frame that is solid, functional and durable. Our scooters are made of high-quality steel, they do not wear out quickly, they are durable and resistant to damages.
The user's comfort is very important in our project, the frame has ergonomic proportions, You can take a comfortable and healthy position while riding. We offer handlebar sizes matched to the height of each user. Check the technical details and dimensions of model ownie12 and ownie16 below.

Pneumatic wheels scooter

You can choose between two wheel sizes - 12 or 16 inches. Scooters on pumped wheels are perfect for city riding. Overcoming any obstacles of the pavement - riding on sett, curve discs will no longer be a problem. In the new Hoolay urban scooters we use aluminum rims and high quality Schwalbe Road Cruiser 12 or 16 inch tires.

Scooter with handbrake

Hoolay scooters are equipped with a V-brake on the rear wheel as standard. It provides very effective braking, giving comfort and safety. In the additional option you can equip the scooter with a brake on the front wheel - check in the accessories tab.

Folding kick scooter

The ownie scooter is equipped with a practical and fast folding system, You can easily carry it in public transportation, fit into car trunk or store at home. Just turn the knob, fold the handlebar with the front wheel and it's ready! The scooter locks when folded, so you can comfortably carry it or store it without using additional straps.

Gripper - non-slip board with graphics

After many tests we have developed a special method of coating our boards with varnish with the addition of glass particles. As a result we obtained a greater adhesion of the shoe to the board and the graphics are clearly visible. We developed a special mixture of polyurethane with flecks gives the effect of sandpaper while you can still enjoy the boards with graphics that distinguish Hoolay.

Customized kick scooter

Hoolay scooters stand out with their style. At the heart of our concept is the ability to freely customize Your scooter. We offer exchangeable boards with graphics that are original and stylish. Designing boards we inspire by trends but above all on timeless classics. In each collection we offer boards with various graphics that blend in with the colours of the frame and the range of accessories available in our store. The scooter frames are available in beautiful, practical colors, which perfectly expose their shape and fit into the urban character. Various coloured hand grips complets scooter design.

Choose the frame color, board, grips and create your Hoolay!




tyre size

50-203 (12 ½ x 2)

47-305 (16 x 1,75)

handlebar size/ from ground

985mm (M)

940mm (S)

990mm (L)

985mm (M)

940mm (S)

990mm (L)

handlebar width

500 mm


kick scooter length



wheel base



board size

420mm x 160/120mm

420mm x 160/120mm

height from ground



ground clerance



dimensions after folding

1040mm x 660mm

1100mm x 680mm

scooter weight* (estimated)



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